SEO Infographic: How to win the game of Search Engine Results

Filed in Organic SEO Best Practices on May 16, 2014

Save money and time when you do SEO at the right time for your website development project

Now that I’ve caught your attention with that headline, please take a peak at our first infographic by clicking on the image below.

While it’s true that there is no gimmick for getting listed on the first page of Google or Bing, you can save time and money by building SEO into your website from day #1.

Search Engine Results Infographic

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Explanation of our SEO Infographic

The game in the infographic depicts different paths to increasing website traffic through SEO. Surprisingly, most people end up choosing to do SEO after their website is developed (the red path). This is the most costly and slowest way to improve your visibility on the web.

The most efficient way is to have an SEO analysis performed for your website before website development begins (the green path).

A third option is to build SEO into a website during development (the yellow path); often necessary for brand new websites.

The final option that many businesses choose instead of SEO is to run pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. While this option is the quickest way to getting found in search results, it is also the most expensive and least effective. And once you stop paying for these campaigns, you are back to the beginning of the game. Learn more about the pros and cons of SEO vs. PPC.

Following the Green Path

So, the next time you are thinking about redesigning an existing website or launching a new one, take some upfront time to have an SEO Evaluation performed that looks at the following areas:

  1. Keywords
  2. Competition
  3. Website Traffic (Google Analytics)
  4. Search Rankings
  5. Website Effectiveness & Usability
  6. Website Content
  7. Local Search
  8. Social Media Usage
  9. Standards and Best Practices
  10. Technical Issues and Errors

Even though there is an additional cost with performing an upfront analysis, the resulting report from an SEO Evaluation can be used as a strategy document for your web development and marketing teams. And it will save money in the long run by avoiding costly website rework and loss of your already hard-earned search rankings.

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